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What is Turkish Towel?

The primer feature of Turkish towel is its premium quality natural Turkish cotton. Turkish cotton is different from other cotton types in the world including Egyptian cotton, because its getting thicker after it is used and washed and get more and more fluffy.

About Turkey

Turkey straddles the borders of Europe and Asia with the majority of the country in Southwest Asia. It has a total area of 780,580 that lies within Europe. The country is bordered at the east by Georgia, Armenia and Iran with Iraq, Syria and the Mediterranean Sea on the south.

About Istanbul

For many centuries this city was the capital of the civilised world. Even though Ankara became the capital of the newly proclaimed Turkish Republic in 1923, Istanbul continues to be the Turkish metropolis. It is the largest city, the business and cultural centre, the largest port and the first destination for tourists, Turkish or foreign.

About Grand Bazaar

More than 30 hectares of land are covered by the famous Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. In this labyrinth of streets and passages you can find more than 4400 shops, 40 hans on over 60 streets and about 2200 rooms. All kinds of products are supplied like leather, decoration, books, carpets, cloths, antiques…